3 ways to Open your heart to life and learn to feel
'To find and follow our true path in life, we need to feel into it, not think into it'

On a sunny, Sunday morning I was standing in my kitchen making homemade lamb Koftas from scratch.

As I looked out the window I could see my partner practising his Kung Fu. As he looked up, our eyes met, and I felt my heart leap, the tears came as I felt so grateful for my life and my family.

I find nowadays the smallest things make me cry; A text from my dad telling me he loves me, a look from someone close to my heart, nature and many more things.

It never used to be this way. For most of my life I couldn't feel, that may sound weird but it was like I had built up an armour suit around myself. I wouldn't let anyone in but couldn't feel life either.

The really richness of life is in the experience.

'What if the dark days are here to make you appreciate the light?'

So many of us have experiences that make us shut down to life; our parents’ separating, losing a loved one or family member, a break up, financial troubles. Anything negative can see us retreat into ourselves.

Are you someone that is numb to life?

If you want to find and follow your purpose it's essential you FEEL your way into things.

Here are some progressive steps to reconnect to who you are, and the richness of YOUR life.

Step one...

Awareness. The first step is recognising that you are out of whack.

I Remember opening the door to a friend, she was crying and when I asked her why, she said she had gotten a bit lost. I remember thinking all she did was get lost! I was so numb to my feelings and others I couldn’t even relate. If you know or think something is off, look at yourself.

Do you only cry at films? If so, this is a sign you’re not connected to life and all it has to offer.

Step two...

Get to the root of the cause. If this is you well done for putting your hand up and wanting to do something about it... we need to get to the root. If I was to ask you what shut you off from life what immediately comes up for you? It's that first thing that popped into you head I want. Yes, the thing you have shut out and don't want to think about...

Step three...

Right, now you have what it, I want you to go there... get a pad and paper find some time when you’re by yourself and go back there in your mind, really go back to the situation and feel it. If you can't get there, write about what happened, let it flow through you. You can start by writing this is stupid until you start to get other stuff.

We are energetic beings that memory is stored in you and if it’s a painful one you need to get it out otherwise it will do you damage... now ask yourself what it is you learnt from that situation and how you need to heal?

You can repeat this process on as many events as you like until you start to reconnect with the here and now and your emotions.

Over the last ten years I have been reconnecting to my emotions and life. All my guests on the podcast talk about using their intuition and feelings to feel into what felt good and from here amazing lives and experiences opened for each of them!

I recently interviewed Alexis Panos - Global thought leader in the Emergent wisdom movement. Listen to her journey to the heart and find out how you can open your heart like Alexis. 
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